Switching from Ortho to ICU

  1. Hi, I'm a student and just getting started with my first year of college. I have been working on the orthopedic floor of my hospital as a Nurse Tech since June 2003. I never planned on staying long, and I know for a fact I don't want to become an RN there in 4 years. The RN's there go through heck. My problem is that I am pursuing becoming a nurse anesthetist in many many years of course but that is my ultimate goal and I plan on sticking to that. In order to do that I have to become an RN in the ICU, which is of course 4 years away for me. I would like to switch to the ICU now, as a Nurse Tech, to get early experience. My problem is that I have grown close to a couple of people on my floor. Even last night I was talking to my Assistant Supervisor, who is 24 years old, and told her I wanted to eventually become a nurse anesthetist and she said "but then you would have to leave us". I just felt kind of guilty. My other problem is, there is no posting for a Nurse Tech position in the ICU, but from what I've noticed every area in this hospital always needs extra help. Should I put in a transfer application anyways and see what happens? I know I should switch areas as soon as possible because the more experience I have in the ICU, the better off I am. I just need motivation and some advice, if anybody has any. Sorry so long. Thanks!
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    What I have found to be the normal course of life is that if something is meant to be, a path will make itself known. Be patient and the opportunity will present itself for you to make the change to ICU if it meant for your future as a Nurse Tech.

    Some folks may think highly of you and want you to stay where you are for whatever reason, but if the change is meant to be then it will become obvious to you and the investment in your present situation will be well worth the wait.

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    Thanks. Anybody else have any words of wisdom?
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    Quote from IL Nurse4now
    Thanks. Anybody else have any words of wisdom?
    I don't know about wisdom, but I can usually come up with some words.

    I don't think nurse tech experience in ICU will help you become a CRNA. I don't mean that in a harsh way- but like you said it is very far away and there is a lot to be learned on the road there.

    Leaving a job where you are liked and trusted is hard- but you will always have to do the right thing for you. I've left jobs where I really liked the staff and knew they would be really short handed when I was gone- but what you owe them is to give adequate notice and not slack off before you leave. You do not owe it to them to stay on if it's not the right thing for you.

    I think the best thing is to talk to the ICU manager and let him/her know you are interesed in working in ICU after graduation; say you know there is no position posted in ICU but ask if you could cross train or pick up extra shifts there until a position becomes available? Who knows- if they like you they might get a position made just for you- it's happened to me before!

    Good luck!