Something similar to physician assistant?

  1. I am currently working as an EMT at a children's camp. The kids call me "the nurse" even though I'm not a nurse. I'm an EMT-B. Kids come in for cuts and scrapes, stomach aches, asthma meds, and stuff like that. Well, I like this job and I want to train to do more. I think maybe I'd like to work at a walk-in medical clinic.

    Now I know about physician assistants and I know about nurse practitioners. Those jobs sound great, but I am aware of how difficult it can be to compete for entry into those programs. I do have a bachelor's already (in Economics - yuk!) and I've taken physiology and medical terminology courses. I'm working on Chemistry (for science majors) and Anatomy right now, and these classes are pretty tough.

    Okay, sorry I'm being long-winded. My question is this: If I fail to get into a physician assistant program, what might be the next best thing? I don't want to be a paramedic on an ambulance, nor do I want to be a nurse in a hospital. Are there walk-in clinics or "aid stations" where a nurse could work at doing some advanced first aid or basic primary care? I don't want to be a medical assistant either as they don't make enough money.

    I know there are many different nursing specialties. How about "Advanced first aid and can give out certain drugs for basic illnesses Nurse?" Does this exist in a paying job? Or is it grad school or bust for PA/NP?

    Thanks so much if you read all that!
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