SLP vs Nurse vs Ultrasound Tech

  1. I've seen quite a few of these types of questions on here, but I'm posting anyhow because my situation wasn't covered exactly. I have a Masters in Special Education. I have a BA in Sociology, which I wasn't able to do anything with and fell into working at a law firm. I worked there for about 10 years and was quite good at what I did, but I was very unhappy. I always knew I wanted to work with people somehow and that I wanted to help people. I originally thought I'd like to be a nurse, but wasn't sure if I could handle (this is going to sound so silly) the smell. I then had a conversation with a friend who was a teacher one night and she told me that Special Education teachers were in demand. I decided on a complete whim to apply to a Masters program in Special Education and got a job at a school working as a long term substitute in a Special Ed classroom. For the most part, I did like it. I then had my first child and went back to the law firm because I needed more $$ and better job security. While in my Masters program, I started to really wonder if I was making the right decision, but at that point, I had already invested so much time and money into it, that I just stuck it out. I went back to teaching, this time as a full time teacher and I was SO unhappy. I absolutely loved my kids and teaching classes, but I HATED everything else that went along with being a special education teacher. I taught in a closet (not an exaggeration an actual supply closet that they converted to a classroom (TINY), had to buy all of my own supplies (pens, pencils, paper EVEN textbooks because they didn't have adapted materials that were acceptable), and then for some reason, even with a Masters degree, as a special education teacher, you get treated like you are not a real teacher by (many) regular education teachers. I was often time asked to make copies, etc., during a class that we were supposed to be co-teaching? After discussing with many other special ed teachers, I have found that this is commonplace. The other downfall was all of the work at home. I now have two small children and did not want to come home and plan until 10PM. I have now been at home for almost 2 years and have considered going back to teaching, but my kids are ages 3 and 16 months and I would really like to work part time plus for all of the reasons above, I'm not sure if I even want to teach anymore? I do miss working with kids and feeling like I am helping people though. After two children and some time as a middle school teacher, I am totally over the whole "smell thing" - ha! I have considered becoming a nurse, specifically working in Labor and Delivery, as a Pediatric Nurse of some kind or even somehow working with children with (intellectual) disabilities in a hospital setting (not sure if this is even done?) I like the idea of shift work because I imagine that it would be nice while my kids are young, but maybe it isn't? I have also considered working as a SLP, but I don't think I want to work in a school setting. It's a LOT more school though and I'm not sure I'm interested in taking on all of that at this point. My final thought is possibly to work as a Sonographer, but I don't know if this would be boring? I feel like you wouldn't be able to truly interact with patients for any length of time? UGGHH!!! I am so sorry for the super long post. As you can see, I am very confused! I'm hoping someone will have SOME sort of insight based on my background. If you are unhappy as a nurse, what exactly is making you unhappy? I am so afraid to get into another career I don't like!
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