Single Mom of 2 with 2 jobs. Is nursing school possible?

  1. I'm a single mom of 2 ( 4 and 2 year old) I also have 2 dogs, 2 part time jobs and a house. I own a small photography company so my hours are flexible and I also just got a job doing transporting at a local hospital. I plan on going back to school in January to get my pre-reqs out of the way and want to eventually get into a nursing program. It's only realistic that I take 2 classes per semester, so I know school with take quite a while for me. I'm just wondering if this is going to be possible? I haven't been in school for over 6 years now, and it might sound silly but I feel as if I won't be smart enough to 'get it'. I used to be a SAHM before my divorce and now I want something solid for my children. I don't want to have to ever worry about a slow season...and I want my kids to know I did everything I could to provide for them. I am just so worried about all of it working out! My ex husband is in the picture every other weekend (but I work those weekends) so it doesn't leave much time for studying. I don't have the greatest support system family wise and I couldn't imagine finding a sitter to study. Thankfully I have daycare so I am able to have my kids there during work and school hours...I just don't want to be cramming or only studying at night when they're in bed. I know as time goes on and as they get older, it will get easier. I am just a little nervous about it all now. Thanks for any advice!
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  3. by   RubySlippers06
    It will be difficult, not going to lie. I would contact all programs in your area to find out if any are part-time. You may need to look into getting your LPN, if there is a market in your area, and then bridging to your RN. First, contact the schools. They will be able to give you more information.

    Good luck! It will be hard; but you can do it! As for not feeling smart enough, don't worry. I almost failed all of high school then waited 4 years to even start college. I've been going for the past two years and I have a 4.0. You can do it!