RN or OTA in New Jersey?

  1. Hello, dear RNs ! I'm trying to decide , where to apply - RN program or OTA( Occupational Therapy Assistant) program ? RN job scares me with high stress level and shifts in a hospital , I'm afraid , that I'll be burn out and won't stay a loving mom and wife. I also heard , that if I would go to work I'm medical office , I would get paid much less. Home care seems to be an option , but who will take me there without experience as a new grad? I don't know a lot about it , just trying to make a research. I know that I'll have to finish bachelor after AAS degree, but I heard , that it won't be a hard studying ( bachelor I mean) . And there are always a lot of positions for RNs.
    Talking about North's Jersey area...
    About OTA- seems to me like nice and much less stressful job comparing to RN. As people say, you get paid around $29-35 per hour. But when I refer to indeed and Craigslist , I don't see a lot of adds, mostly is part time ... so I'm afraid not to find a job within 3 month after graduation , let's say... please , share your experience ... thank you!
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