RN Care Manager or Med/Surg Floor

  1. I have a dilemma, I've been doing my last clinical in a community center where I have been offered 2 jobs. One of these positions does interest me, it would be a RN Care Manager for the geriatric population. However, I have also been offered a job through a hospital where I have been working as a nurse intern since 2005 on the med/surg floor.
    It's an issue because I have 2 deep interests one is the geriatric population and the other is surgery. Although I haven't been offered in OR position, I'm hoping to do this at least after being in med/surg for a year. In addition, I'm scared to take the geriatric position because I'm afraid I will not establish and develop my skills in the acute care setting.
    Finally the icing on the cake is that I'm pregnant (due 7/23/07), my current employer knows I'm pregnant and is willing to work around my schedule after delivery. I didn't mention it to the geriatric center director but I'm assuming he could tell (I'm 7 mos. pregnant). The geriatric director was asking me to provide him with a timeline of what I wanted to do at the Geriatric center since the position would later transfer from a care a manager to a coordinator for an Alzheimer's study at the center (which really interests me).
    So the things I'm struggling with are:
    1. Should I work in the acute care setting for at least a year so that if I want to ever pursue Surgery I have some acute background?
    2. Is it smart to go into case mngt./care mngt. work right out of nursing school?
    3. Should I mention that I'm pregnant or assume he could tell?
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