1. I am currently in an Introduction To Health Care Class focused on helping students decided which path they should take to acquire their occupational goals. I am searching for some answers that I need a RN to answer. In my class we are require to interview somebody in that field whether through email. If anybody would be willing to help me it would be very much appreciated. Here are the questions and you can email me that alwayzontimex@hotmail.com.

    1. How did you become interested in this kind of work?
    2. What personal qualities does a person need to be successful in this occupation?
    3.What are some more satisfying features of this work?
    4. What are some disadvantages of this work?
    5. What are some things I can do now to prepare for this kind of work?
    6. What future training or education will I need?
    7. In what special skills or procedures should I be proficient?
    8. What opportunities are there for advancement?
    9. Does this work involve any special expenses, such as dues, equipment and uniforms?
    10. What are the beginning and the top salaries in this occupation?
    11. What is the thing you like the best in this occupation?
    12. Is the job demand in this field high and what is the outlook for the future?
    13. What hours can you work?
    14. Are you able to actually spend time with your family after you are done with work?
    15. What are your respoonsibilities as a nurse?
    16. Are you glad that you choose this for your occupation?
    17. Did you do any volunteer work at hospitals before going into school to be a nurse?
    18. What made you decide to become a nurse?
    19. What is your favorite experience in this occupation?
    20. What is your least favorite experience in this occupation?
    21. To what extent does this occupation deal with people, data, or things?
    22. Do you need to keep furthering your education every year?
    23. What are the examinations to get a license like?
    24. What type of classes did you take in college or tech school?
    25. Is there any other additional information I might need to know before deciding whether or not I want to become a nurse?

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