Revenue / Compliance Coordinator - Not sure about it

  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure where to begin - but anyways, I am trying to get away from the bedside because of back issues and I have just grown tired of the bedside.

    I have my BSN, and working on an MBA. If things go well, I will graduate this June 2007. Everything that I have done in my MBA program or will be doing in my program before graduation is in alignment with this position (I think).

    However, since I have invested a lot of money into my education - I feel the financial responsibility of paying this off in a time effective manner. I also live an hour away from this facility. (2 hour drive a day to and from work)

    I have had one interview for this position and they have called me again - but I wasn't home. So I don't know at this point if this follow up call is to reinterview or for a job offering.

    Nonetheless, I would really like some realistic answers as to starting wage. I have been in nursing for near 12 years now. I am hoping that would be atleasting making what I do as an RN now - but I just don't know. I hear others say that I will make a lot more or others say considerably less.....I have to come up with a financial strategy if this is the case...

    Also, will I be arguinig with insurance companies, creditors about billls / reimbursement? What about learning the billing codes for procedures and diagnosis? How difficult is it to learn?

    I really would like some realistic feedback on what to expect in a position like this.....It is my understanding that it is rare to have a nurse with both clinical expereince, business experience, billing & coding experience.....However, I have seen some posts of other nurses that have very similar experience.

    I would love any feedback because I am a bit confused.

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