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    This is my first post and I hope that I'm making this post in the right area. I have a question regarding the References section of my resume. I have not worked in over a year because my husband was deployed to Iraq and I couldn't find childcare (that would/could work with my per diem schedule) for my little girl. We'll be moving to another state in a month and I need to get back to work so I need to update my resume. The reason I'm having a bit of difficulty with my resume is that I'm not quite sure who to use for my References. My last job as a per diem RN in Med/Surg only lasted for 9 months because my husband got deployed. As a per diem RN I worked/floated 3 floors (Med/Surg) so I didn't work too many hours or too closely with specific people. Am I supposed to use these co-workers (other RNs) as references? I've read somewhere that maybe I can use copies of my evaluation from my last job as some form of Reference--is this right? I hope some of you can steer me in the right direction. I'd really appreciate all the help.

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    The "proper" reference would be from whatever manager you reported to. Even per diem employers have a boss. That's the standard person to use. Even though that person may not have worked side-by-side with you, they would have requested/received feedback about your performance from those who did in order to do your annual eval, etc. If at all possible, that's the person you should use.

    Colleagues that you worked with directly are another choice. Perhaps there is a house supervisor who was familiar with your job abilities in relation to floating from unit to unit.

    Some hospitals have strict policies against providing references for former employees. If that is the case, you may have to ask co-workers who were not in any supervisory role over you to provide a reference "unofficially." Explain that policy to your prospective employer and give them the contact information for the Human Resources Department that can verify your employment and also confirm that the hospital forbids the giving of a regular reference.

    Having copies of your job evaluations (assuming they are good) is always a good idea -- as I have said many time on this forum. :-)

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