questions re nursing schools/career/i live in the wash dc metro area

  1. hi, i have a bachelors degree in education many many years ago. i'm currently taking an anatomy class at a local community college. first, i'm still deciding what career path to go in. what is cna? programs how long, where? at colleges? anyone living in the dc metro area know of such a program. or should i go for an lpn? i took this anatomy class thinking of going for an associates in nursing but think its giong to take awhile because of all of the pre-reqisites. i was hoping to get some advice on programs in dc/maryland or virginia which they would recommend, any they wouldn't recommend. i hear montgmery college a.a. nursing in maryland is difficult to get into. i have heard many negative things about the university of the district of columbia but think its easier to get into and much cheapter. anyone familiar with udc? thanks. my husband will retire in 7 years and we will move to a small town. i am just looking to keep busy for the next few years and have perhaps a part-time career in retirement. not looking to take on anything to stressful at this point in my life. yes, i know school is stressful - i'm taking anatomy :-) hope this is clear and hope others have time to help. thanks you!

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    There are many schools that offer an accelerated BSN for people with prevoius baccalaureates. A couple of schools in mind are Georgetown University and the Catholic University of America (pricey, but honeslty, easier to get into than a community college). Good luck with your prereqs. I did an accelerated degree and do not regret it for a second. Money well spent.