Q about OR experience in a few aspects

  1. I couldn't post this under specialties, it wouldn't let me. So I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong area.

    I am a BSN RN. I have an offer for an OR slot at a prestigious teaching hospital. I haven't nursed terribly much, 6mo in the ER before I stepped out due to an unsafe work environment. I'm wanting to ask a few things specifically from those who have lived it (not someone speculating).

    1. Has anyone, as an OR nurse, felt pigeon holed or stuck in that specialty after being there for a while and have had trouble moving to the ICU/ED after? Do you know if it was for a fact you had OR experience versus just general difficulty getting into the ED/ICU?

    2. I know ED and ICU experience (ICU being the gold standard) is what CRNA schools are looking for. I'm aware of a few (not many) programs that take OR experience or occasionally make exceptions. Has anyone here gone to CRNA school utilizing their OR experience with little to no ED/ICU experience?

    3. I'm starting a NP program with an intensivest (sp, ICU) certificate soon. I don't really care for NP but I can't enter into CRNA school yet, I lack the experience. So I figure having a NP and a focus in critical care would help my case getting into a CRNA school when it does come around. Thoughts?
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