Prospective RN student needs guidance

  1. Hello everyone, this my first post on this forum. I have a gazillion questions but I can only think of a few at the moment. I am a future BSN nursing student/hopeful and I was curious about a few things.

    First, after graduating from a RN program and you start seeking your first job, where do you have to start to get experience? I would like to work in ER or Perioperative settings. But I here that you have to gain experience as a staff RN in acute care or MED/SURG. I mean after graduation can I just go straight into ER?

    Secondly, does the position you are applying for aknowledge the clinical rotations a student makes as experience or is the experience documented only after a student graduates?

    And lastly, what is the difference between a clinical RN specialist and a Nurse practitioner??

    Thanks for any help/info you can offer me!

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