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  1. Summary

    Energetic and compassionate patient-centered graduate nurse; eager to work with multi-disciplinary staff in a to utilize interpersonal and critical thinking skills to provide safe, quality care, and comfort for a diverse patient group.


    · Nursing experience involving clinical rotations in medical/surgical, maternal and newborn, pediatrics, psychiatric, geriatrics, and community health
    · Proficient time management skills in a high-paced and high-stress environment.
    · Team-building abilities to create a consistent and productive environment.

    Licensure and Certifications

    · Colorado RN.xxxxxxxx Active
    · American Heart Association BLS August 2017
    · Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training October 2016
    · Mental Health First Aid USA September 2016
    · ACLS Will Complete September 20th


    Community College September 2015 - May 2017
    Associate of Applied Science in Nursing
    · GPA 3.7
    · Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Member 2013-2017
    · Student Nurse Association, Member 2016-2017

    Community College September 2013 - May 2015
    Associate of General Studies
    · GPA 3.8
    · Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Member 2013-2017


    Clinical August 2015 - May 2017

    · Completed 270 hours if clinical experiences in acute care, home care, and clinic settings utilizing a variety of EHR systems, communication behaviors, and progressive assessments, planning, implementing, and evaluation skills.
    · xxxxxxx Medical Center- Patient care, collaboration with health care team, precise documentation using Meditech software. Surgical sterilization techniques. PCU, OR, ED, Case Management.
    · VA Hospital- Conducted procedures such as, irrigation, stitch removal, catheter insertion, IV insertion, and various other skills. Nurse clinic, ED, and ICU.
    · The Memorial Hospital- Total patient care and various nursing skills. Applied nursing process to patient care. Documented using EMR program CPSI. PCU
    · xxxxxxx Hospital- Observed mental health nurses and psychiatric nurses in interviewing and evaluating patients. Interacted with patients using therapeutic communication.
    · St. Mary’s Hospital- Postpartum care and assistance in labor and delivery while emphasizing importance of patient well-being. Participated with NICU and pediatric care. Documentation using EPIC.
    · xxxxxx Medical Group- Recorded information in patient medical history, evaluated patient care needs, maintained patient flow. Immunizations. Participated in EKG lead placement.
    · Home Health- Traveled with nurse to patient’s homes. Assessments, skills, medications, patient teaching, hospice care.

    Senior Practicum March 2017 - April 2017

    · Completion of 108 hours on the Med/Surg Unit at xxxxxxx Medical Center. Utilized critical thinking skills and collaboration with the healthcare team to reach desired patient outcomes and provide holistic patient care. During my time at the facility I was able to progress from caring for 2 patients to 4 patients at a time. I was able to adequately and independently provide safe quality care while prioritizing, delegating, and multitasking, under the direct supervision of an RN. I was able to demonstrate a variety of skills such as, head-to-toe assessments, delegation, CMS checks, Neurological checks, central line blood draws, catheter insertion, medication administration, PYXIS use, and precise documentation.

    This is my one page resume. Since I copied and pasted it looks a little off. I did modify some of the names of hospitals and colleges. Wasn't sure if I could name places, so I left them out.
    I have no prior healthcare experience and need some serious help with my resume.
    Should I list the facilities and skills I have completed during school?
    My only work experience is in service industry. I didn't put it on my resume because most online applications ask for it any way.
    I have applied to so many places. LTC, clinics, corrections, hospitals. But I live in the middle of 3 ski mountains and have realized how much people desire to work in a town like this. I grew up in ski towns so I guess I have taken it for granite. Every position I apply for wants experience. Also, I have an ADN. The school I went to is small and only offered the ADN. I have all my prerequisites completed for my BSN but the online program I want to enroll in wants me to be a working RN before I can start classes.
    Does anyone know of a good RN to BSN program I could enroll in without working. There is one I have in mind but classes do not start until spring.
    Please, I welcome ANY recommendations!!!!!

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