Path to NP?

  1. Hi, I'm a HS Senior deciding on the path I should take for college to further my education. I took lots of AP classes in HS and have credits on my belt. I was set on pursuing the medical field towards the end of junior year but was not accepted to my top choice direct entry nursing school. I am not entirely sure that I want to pursue nursing, but I attended a nursing summer camp recently that got me thinking about the path. Right now, I am set on becoming a NP, but I have a few choices on the process...

    1. Community College- this would serve to figure out my real interests while helping me get pre-reqs out of the way so that I could apply to nursing school a year or two later. I could also volunteer at hospitals and gain more experience. Then pursue grad school.

    2. Science Foundation- going to a 4-year university and getting a Health Science/Pre-Med degree to further my science studies while volunteering in hospitals nearby and completing my pre-reqs. In this case, I would apply for a direct entry non-nursing major NP program after 4 years.

    3. Nursing School- become a pre-nursing major at a university and earn by BSN after 4 years. Then pursue grad school.

    If anyone would be willing to share their experience, I'll be glad to listen. Thanks!
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