Other non-traditional options...?

  1. I am a jail nurse and have been doing that since I graduated with my RN almost 2 years ago. I never really wanted to work in a hospital, unless it was to make myself feel like I was a "real nurse"...since others made me feel like this kind of career move lessened me in some way.

    However, having never worked anywhere else, I am started to fear that I will get stuck in this environment if I stay too long. It is a great career and the pay is comparable to our area hospitals. My benefits are MEH but about as good as anyone's these days. But, I want to have other options open to me and this seems like a good time to think about them.

    I don't want to work in a hospital. The thought has never appealed to me. I'm not opposed to a doctor's office but the pay isn't great around here. Does anyone know any other non-traditional type nursing roles that I could look into? Companies I hadn't thought of or types of industries. I'm looking at all options, even if it doesn't involve actual patient care (my job at the jail is moving to a supervisory/admin role anyway at some point...)

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions.
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