OR nurse versus ICU nurse

  1. Which is better, ICU nurse or OR nurse, if my long long term career goal is to become CRNA.
    I think that by working as a OR nurse, I will get a better idea on whether I really want to pursue CRNA in the future. However, as part of the program pre-requisite for CRNA, one to need to have at least 3 years of ICU experience.

    Additionally, I am also torn with the following factors:
    1. I loved my ICU rotation when I was in nursing school. I felt i was learning so much and it was mentally challenging as you care for these critically ill patients. But I ended up in med surg unit based on the recommendations of my professors when I graduated. I am very comfortable & confident in my current position & I sometimes I get bored with my patient acuity level. Thus, I am seeking for a change. As for OR experience, I was able to watch only a couple of surgeries & i was also fascinated by it.
    2. I have been offered to interview for a OR training program at different hospital than i currently work at & I believe it's an rare opportunity to get into such specialized field. After accepting the interview, I found out that my hospital is offering an ICU training program, but there is only 1 slot & there is someone else who is more senior than me & has applied for the position.
    3. My personal factor: My husband and I are thinking about starting a family next year. So, my dilemma with the OR nursing position is that training takes 6 months & from what I have gathered, it will take 1 -2 year before anyone get comfortable with the profession.

    Help? Advice?
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  3. by   Tessaprn
    The two are apples and oranges. Both excellent areas to work. If you want to apply to CRNA school I suggest the ICU areas. Intensive Care is required, OR experience is not.