OR Nurse to NP!?

  1. Hi everyone! I need some advice! I am going on my 5th year as a nurse and I currrently work in the OR. I've worked in the OR for almost 3 of those 5 years. Before that I had a brief time working in a Rehab hospital when I first graduated and a little over a year working on a neurology/neurosurgery floor. I want to go back to school to become an NP but I am worried I won't have strong enough skills since I have been in the OR for most of my career. Being in the OR you develop a different nursing skill set than nurses working in the ICU or floors. I feel like most nurses that become NPs have the nursing skills of the latter. Anyone have opinions on this topic? I work hard and I know it might be more challenging for me but I really want to achieve this goal. Also, while I am working on this degree would it be more beneficial to switch to a floor/ICU position and if so what are your opinions of an OR nurse going back to the floor? Any advice, insight, criticism, personal experience stories etc. would be beyond helpful and appreciated. Thank you all in advance!!
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