Opportunities with a BSN degree

  1. I graduated from nursing school a year ago and work in a surgical/neuro ICU. We deal with a lot of traumas and all types of surgeries. I'm not as satisfied with bedside care so I was wondering what opportunities exist for non bedside care with a BSN. I was leaning towards clinical research or possibly going back to school to get a higher degree maybe a MSN. I am so confused with what I can do with my degree. So many people say that a BSN degree has many opportunities but I can't seem to find them. Please help. I'm really want to find what else is out there. Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   canadiangradschoolrn
    There are soo many opportunities available with individuals with BScN. The possibilities are endless. You can get certified and become a Infectious Disease Control Nurse or Occupational Health Nurse. There is a whole lot of nurses in Public Health. Many pharmaceutical companies have nurses on staff, taking on several roles. You can also work as a research coordinator for hospitals or pharmaceutical companies. If you plan to go into education, you can work as a instructor for a LPN program. Many nurse educators in chronic and long term care hospitals have a BScN (with experience).

    Graduate education is always a great idea. Make sure you study something you are passionate about. It will open more doors upin nursing for you.