Nursing School in Indianapolis

  1. I have decided that I want to be a nurse. I have had many wonderful nurses through the years that have really made a difference in my life. I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 19. It was not the doctors at my bedside, it was the nurses who gave me the strength and courage. I now am 27 and have decided I want to be one of those people who help make a difference. I was wondering if any one new if there was a college around Indianapolis that had night classes. I have two kids and work full time. So I was wondering if it was possible to atleast start school at night. I already have BS in criminal justice. But I am ready for a change. Are any schools better than others. What is your advise from those of you who have gone back to school to be nurse? Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   obicurn
    I go to Ivy Tech Indianapolis. The nursing classes as of now are not offered in the evenings. However, you can take your prereqs and coreqs in the evenings, or online before applying to the program. Ivy Tech is the best deal financially, and the program prepares you well.
  4. by   Amy M Forster
    Thanks for the tip. Ivy Tech is looking like the best deal.