Nursing School Advice Needed

  1. I'm new to this forum and had a couple questions about nursing programs. I have my B.A. in Psychology, and have experience working in a psychiatric hospital, and in neuropsychology research. For the last few years, I have been thinking about obtaining my masters in psychology or counseling, but am now thinking about going back to school for nursing instead. Insofar as nursing is concerned, I would ideally like to continue working in the mental health aspects of the field (PsychNP, PsychRN, Case Management, etc). I also prefer to work with children and adolescents.
    I have started to look into programs, and have become a bit confused as to the best way to proceed. Because I already have my B.A., the traditional Bachelor's of nursing programs seem like overkill. Can anyone give me advice on the benefits/shortcomings of the following programs as they pertain to my career goals?

    Accelerated Nursing Programs
    Second Degree B.S.N.
    Diploma R.N.
    Entry Master's Program in Nursing

    In addition, can anyone recommend any great schools (not too expensive...) that have programs in the aforementioned?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   ManEnough
    You'll see that many of us on here (myself included) recieved degrees in other fields before moving on to nursing. When I was choosing nursing schools, I had the same concern of "overkill" in getting a second bachelor's. There weren't any respected accelerated programs in my area so I decided to go for an AS. The entire cost of my program.. books, tuition, supplies, uniforms, everything.. was under $4000. Wish my BA cost that.

    In terms of which route to go, it really depends on your final goal. I will tell you that there is a huge demand for nurses specializing in psych and you will have NO problem finding a job after graduating. Can't say the same for our friends graduating with other degrees.

    Hope this helped just a little. Welcome to the board and welcome to nursing!