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It's to bad you feel this way I work in the E.R.and am constantly exposed to hiv, hepatitis,and a host of other diseases you can protect yourself. Why did you really go into nursing ws it for the... Read More

  1. by   nursedude
    "I would recommend nursing as a career only if the person's heart was truly into helping others and sacrifices for people you don't know. "

    One more thing BJO...

    I really do enjoy helping and working with people however, I have two young children and a wife. I don't understand why I have to cause my wife and kids to sacrifice because my wage as a registered nurse stinks...
  2. by   plunurse
    I have mixed thoughts on this thread. I have been a nurse for 23 years on the same medical floor and for the most part I love it! The variety of illnesses in med nursing is so varied, that I never get tired. (Unlike the year of ortho nursing I did.) Due to the chronic nature of the illnesses, I have been able to follow many of the same paatients over the years. And yes, sadly, sometimes through the dying process. The doctors know me and I know the doctors. I have one doctor who have told me several times, "if you think of something they need (an order) just put my name to it and I'll sign it." (Should also let you know I work the graveyard shift. 11-7) I am respected by co-workers as well.

    Now having said all this-I do feel underpaid for the education and all the responsibility that goes with the job. It really ticks me off when I have to pay a plumber $60/hour to umplug a toilet that took him 15 minutes at most. Though he only worked 15 minutes there is usually a 1-hour minimum charge. Some contractors start charging from the time they leave their shop. I refuse to hire these. I don't get paid from the time I leave my home-why should they? I am also bad about tipping. I don't tip hotel maids if I feel I didn't leave any thing beyond a normal mess. Why should I pay them extra just for doing their jobs?

    I know I got off the original thread here, but some of this really burns me up. Next week I will be going on vacation for 2 weeks and can feel that I need it.
  3. by   Aniela
    To Nurse Dude:
    I'll bet your a very good nurse! I'll bet you go that extra mile for your patients too! I'll bet the staff all think your wonderful that you are so efficient and can do the work of three Nurses and get it right! I'll bet you take your patients problems home with you everynight also . I'll bet you give your all when on the job! I think your burning out from too many demands in such a short time frame. From to much expectation from your superiors, from never a kind word like hey! Dude you did a good job tonight or day.
    Nursing started out years ago when undesirable females were taken off the street and chained to the patients beds to do all the dirty work and yes they were rewarded with Gin. we haven't come very far lately, as a matter of fact I think we are taking a few steps backward. but were still good nurses even if we complain about the short staffing, the mandatory overtime, the skinny wages, and the thankless attitudes of our superiors. Nurses are people too! they have a right to speak up for themselves and should do so! or things will never change! Nurses have feelings, or they wouldn't be Nurses. some people express their feelings differently when they are upset. Find a different area of Nursing it may change your outlook!
  4. by   frustratedRN
    dude just says what we all know but dont want to admit.

    our jobs make NO sense.
    so in order for us to make sense of them we rationalize that we are in it for a higher reason than money.
    if that were completely true we WOULD band together and do something about patient safety because we wouldnt care about the money.
    thats not the case tho.

    i love what i do but it truly does piss me off that my friend makes the same money or more than i do and she cleans houses.
    no education. no real skills.
    but she gets that because that is what her customers are WILLING to pay.

    what do you think would happen if we took the control of our salaries out of the hands of the hospitals and insurance companies and took our rates into our own hands?

    what if we were all like private contractors?

    our profession really needs to get it together and the time is now.
    people NEED us.
    hospitals and snf HAVE to have us.
    so why are we LETTING them tell us what we should make?
    we should be telling THEM
  5. by   nursedude
    Excellent point frustrated...

    The nursing agencies tell their customers how much they are worth... Why shouldn't nurses?

    I think you are right on target w/the private contractor idea. My hunch is that the majority of nurses won't buy it- they can't because most can't think outside the box... "We've always done it that way..."

  6. by   frustratedRN
    so dude what do we do?

    things are going to change. they have to. more and more nurses are leaving the profession. these nutses who hang on to the status quo are going to be awfully tired of working overtime with extreme patient loads.
    the least the one where you worked was ineffective. nurses are leaving that hospital in droves and joining the "competition" in pgh.
    or signing up with agencies.
    the hospitals are losing their grip. they are trying to sweeten the pot. have you seen the ads for the new incentive agh and others in that system are offering?
    its too little too late.

    our facility is desperate. they are having to close units due to lack of staff. docs are refusing to admit patients. we are losing money.
    patients and docs are complaining about being shortstaffed.
    when we do get nurses they dont stay.

    so can private contracting be a far fetched idea?
    i dont think so.
    where are they going to go to for staffing?

    how far off can this be?....
    you and me and 8 other RN's from pgh start our OWN agency. (for example)
    we set a price and go in and bid on jobs. (we can give you at LEAST 800 hours of staffing per week at "name your price" except for the union bet we would get hired at any price we asked.

    the group we have splits the overhead equally. we would get discounts for being a group.(insurance, ect)
    all 10 members equal partners.

    i think this would work. i think thats what its going to come to. and those nurses who keep doing it the way its always been done can just keep doing it that way.

    our facility has added beds to the er because there is not enuff staff on the units to accept anymore patients. some pts stay in the er and never see a floor.
    the other night i had 12 patients...just me and one assistant. 3 were admissions, one was a transfer and one was a discharge.
    the resource nurse wanted to give me one more but i flatly refused then called the supervisor and reported it.
    how long do you think they can keep working us like that? even the status quo nurses are starting to break.

    i think the way that i described is a great idea. why join an agency when you can be your own?
  7. by   nursedude
    Okay Frustrated...

    Now you are talking.

    Let's do it! You, me your 8 friends and my 6 or 7 friends - lets start own own pool of "independent nurse contractors"...

    We'd have to start out a little meek and mild - we could acquire a dba (doing business as - ficticious name) for our group and then start selling ourselves... (We'd need a name - how else would we identify ourselves? PS it's easy to get a dba in Pa.) We we each individually purchase our own malpractice insurance.

    Say we charge 30 or 40 $$$/hr. All of us agree to pitch in say 5bucks an hour for medical insurance/business costs. After we acquire enough money - about 2500.00 we then either incorporate or become a LLC - limited liability company- I'm not sure which is best but I know that if we incorporate we could get much better rates on medical insurance.

    Frustrated, I am game for this - really. I have applied to west penn allegheny for their weekend option. 2 12's on the weekend and full benefits. That leaves me 5 days/week to be my own independent contractor - whether i do it by myself or not - if i get that job, that's what I'm going to try.

    Whant to try together?
  8. by   kimberle
    I've already told my children I don't recommend it. The volume of work expected to be done is great and difficult to manage, particularly with the liability issues in today's world. I loved working as a CNA (for 10 yrs.), but my 10 years as an RN hasn't been as fulfilling. I really think a lot of it is personality oriented. I thought I would be a strong leader and confident, but those areas are 2 weak points for me, and that doesn't go well with being an RN. My suggestion to anyone is to not only look at your interests, but your personality, when considering a career!
  9. by   frustratedRN
    i already work at west going to try to private message you if i can
  10. by   Tina in DC
    Leave the nursing profession immeadiately! I can certainly understand and sympathize with your frustrations, but I highly recommend you make a career change. Pharmacuetical sales is a great move for those with medical experience. Great pay and you can expect some pretty good benefits. THe call to nursing is one of care and when the frustration level gets as high as yours appears to is the patient that suffers. Every patient is someone's wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother and/or someone that really matters in the life of others no matter how large a pain in the ass they are. If you find yourself forgetting that too often, it is time to go. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

    Originally posted by nursedude

    That about sums it up for me... I am a 34 year old guy and live in Pittsburgh Pa. Have been an RN for 10years. I have done the following in nursing: Cardiotharacic ICU, ER,UR, Case Management...

    THe problems with nursing I have found:
    1) Poor compensation- I have friends that are Registered Plumbers and registered electricians, Certified computer specialists etc. All of them make twice as much $$$ as I do- none of them have a college degree. None of them are exposed to HIV, TB, Hepatitis on a daily basis.
    2) You can't really practice nursing on your own even though you are licensed- See above- The plumber, the electrician and the computer guy all work full time jobs and also do business on the side from home and make money... Did you ever practice nursing on the side? its called illegal...
    3) Nurses are on the bottom of the food chain...Doctors, PA's, CRNP's, Administrators all look down on nurses- at least here in Pittsburgh they do. Nurses here are just another load on the revenue generated by hospitals...
  11. by   nursedude

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I'll try buying groceries and paying my mortgage with care next time instead of money.

  12. by   shodobe
    I have been in nursing for 24 years and started when guys were far and few between. I don't mind admitting I went into nursing for the security and pay. Well, back then I started at 7$ per hour and that was very good, in my eyes, back then. Now I make almost 29/hr and can't find too many other jobs that pay as well. I work in the OR and wouldn't do anything else. I can take care of myself and don't put up with much BS and don't mind saying there are very, very few MDs that make me nervous. I just tune them out if they are being jerks. You tell me where I can go and make 100,000 per year with, in my opinion very little effort. I like to do my own plumbing and electrical work and wouldn't dream of paying them a single penny to do anything for me. I can do anything they can do, but they can't do anything I do in nursing! I don't mind nursing in general, there are days I want to scream but hey all jobs have their problems. You do whatever you feel is right for yourself. Good luck, Mike
  13. by   RN relief needed
    sorry but i was just figuring up and at $29 an hour to make $100,000 per year you would be working fulltime and put in an additional 17 hours of time and a half per week. doesn't sound much fun to me.