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  1. How does one go about working as a nurse in Switzerland? I speak french pretty well, so i plan on working in Geneva. Where do i get the information about taking tests, visas, working permits, the whole bit? How do I figure out what I need to have (as far as experience and paperwork) before I can be a nurse there. I know every country is different, if any one could point me in the direction of where to find answers, that would be wonderful! Do they require you to have a lot of work experience? if this helps, i have a BSN. Thank you!

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  3. by   Teachchildren123
    Good luck!
    It would be useful if you would know German I suppose. But French and English, hopefully would be a great asset!
    I would "Google" board of nursing in Switzerland or l'Association des infirmieres Suisses or something of that caliber. You could always search the hospitals of Geneva directly and ask them what their requirements are.
    It would be great if you could network with nurses there. Having the means to go there first and see for yourself! HAAAAA! I envy you! Let us know what you found and how you are doing! I'll continue to look out for you.
    Bon voyage! A bientot!
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    I just "Googled" the request for you.
    Their association is really l"Association Suisses des Infirmieres et Infirmiers.
    Check out
    Good research!
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