Nurse Aide/Attendant at NYP- chances of getting hired after BSN & NCLEX?

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew how likely New York Presbyterian in NYC hires their own nurse aides/attendants after s/he has completed the BSN and passed the NCLEX?

    If an individual was hired internally, how was the process like? Were you immediately "transitioned" or you still had to reapply and interview again? While you had your license, and were waiting to be hired as an RN, were you still allowed to work as a CNA?
    Some insight into this would be awesome.
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  3. by   StacyAtheNurse
    If you are a good PCA, they will hire you. If you are bad, they might hire you, but probably not on the floor you worked on since your manager would already know you're a crap employee. Good thing is you can keep working there as a PCA and mend your relationship. The process internally is that you apply again just like you did before you worked there. You interview. You get the job, pick a day to start, give notice that you're leaving, and then start as an RN. It'll probably be a month before you're on the floor because there are tons of classes you'll have to go to first. Then expect about 2-4 months orientation, and night shift.
    I knew two PCAs graduate, one got a job as an RN right away, the other was never offered a position and still works as a PCA and is applying outside now. I knew a scrub tech that passed NCLEX and became charge nurse basically the day after he finished his orientation. *♀️ Hope that helps.