new to nursing field soon and need advice.

  1. I am getting ready to change jobs sooner than I have planned. I actually work in data entry at a truckstop, but have been working on my prereqs not for 2.5yrs for the nursing program which if everything goes well I will be excepted into the program this spring. I was able to get into the CNA class at the end of the month. So far my employer does not know what I am going to college for but was not happy when they were informed I am taking a 8wk course and cannot work my normal schedule. I just found out that my clinicals are not on the days that I was told they are suppose to be on. This is not necessarily a problem besides I think my employer is going to have a fit and possibly not work with me which I will have to put in my notice of leaving the company. I have been told that some places will hire people before they have their CNA certification. Is this true? and if it is how do you go about getting a job? Or do I need to wait to get certified. I just think my employer is going to have a cow when they find out I have a week that I can only work until 2:45pm. And I do not feel they will be willing to work with me. Another thing I need help with is how to write a resume......

    I am so excited about my new career which will be here very soon, but nervous about not having a job, even a part time job to pay for classes.

    concerned pre-nursing student how need lots of advice,
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  3. by   Ayvah
    Many places will hire you as a PCT/NA after the first semester of nursing school. You aren't required to be certified.