New graduate RN needs HELP choosing between two job offers!!

  1. Hello!!I'm a recent grad RN who has just been offered two jobs and now I do not know which is the right choice!!

    The first job is at an acute rehab facility that is very close to my house and the shift is 7a-7p which is great! Also the nurse manager is extremely nice and I really feel that they treat their employee's well and it would be a great place to work...
    today I received another offer, this job is in a hospital on a tele unit, its 7p-7a and about 45 mins from where I live.
    I always pictured myself working in a hospital and eventually working in the ED so the hospital position should be a no brainer but now I'm worried that I might enjoy working in a rehab and the shift and schedule would be a lot more convenient, but the hospital job on the tele unit is a hard job to come by for a new grad right now...The benefits for both jobs are comparable and both orientations are 12 weeks. I'm so confused because I always thought that working in a hospital right out of school would be a dream but now I feel like I might enjoy being a rehab RN..I'm also worried that by going with the acute rehab position it would be difficult to transfer to a hospital position if I wanted to in the future..Does anyone have any advice???
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