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  1. Hi I'm looking for advice on a major decision. I currently work full time at a prestigious hospital and I hate my job. I've been there for a little over 6 months and am thinking about telling my manager I need to resign due to school starting this spring and summer. Because I've only been there 6 months I don't think they'll be happy for me or happy to hear me tell them that I'm leaving to pursue my DNP. Many nurses including some of my colleagues are getting their NP degrees, most are in MSN programs. Some work full time and do full time school, some do part time work and full time school, an I'm sure some are doing what I am which is part time school and full time work. Now that I've been working as a nurse for 6 months I often feel that the job is not worth the money and benefits. I work 3 twelve hour shifts a week and make close to $6000 a month. The hardest part of the job is that I'm a night nurse and being at the bedside is really stressful for me. im good at my job and my employers think im doing great for a new grad i just dont like what im doing. I want to work during daylight hours, that's when I'm most productive and I want to work 20 hours or so a week. I found a research assistant position and research is of interest to me. i also currently have a part time research assistant job which i do 10 hours a week at 13$/hr. I would rather quit the hospital/high stress/great paying job than the 10hr/stress free/o.k.-paying job. The difference between the two being I like the research job better than the nursing job. So what should I do? Should I quit this great nursing job before getting 1 year experience and risk not being able to get another high-paying job or should I quit the good nursing job and get a less-paying research assistant job and do a part time job and part time DNP school?
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    How do you plan to pay your bills, including your existing student loans and your upcoming school expenses?
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    I think you should keep the job. Try to switch to part time. this job is very helpful. and people would love to be in your position. don't get me wrong bt still go to school, but maybe try going to work part time instead of FT. and the schooling can be FT or pt. Regardless of whatever u choose, still go to work at the hospital, at least PT.

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