New Grad- should I accept an inpatient rehab position? Advice please!

  1. Being a new grad, I want to get as much experience as possible on a med-surg floor. I have an interview for a position in inpatient rehab. I've been advised that I should think twice about accepting the rehab job while continuing to look for a med-surg position. Some say that I will not be using the skills I learned in nursing school, and I will lose knowledge quickly. While it is a job (income & benefits that I need) and I will be getting experience, is this the "right" experience? Some have told me that if you are good in rehab, they will want to keep you. Nurse Managers make deals, such as "this employee is excellent in my department -- so can you search "outside" first to fill your med-surg position" or things of that nature. And as a result, it becomes very difficult for an RN to transition. Also, when a med surg Nurse Manager looks at your resume, are you at a disadvantage because you have not gained acute care experience for, say, a year or more? I don't like turning down a job offer. However, I do not want to make a bad decision on a career path right out of the gate, either?

    Any advice from Med-surg nurses?
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  3. by   Baboosh123
    This thread is several months old, but I am curious as well and in the same predicament. Any one willing to answer this time around?