New Grad NP hourly wage in Bay Area

  1. I am a relatively new NP. I graduated in Sept 2016 and started working in Jan 2017. I had several years RN experience already, however no NP independent experience.

    It was quite easy finding a job in the bay area, but the offers for an hourly rate were WELL below what I was making as an RN.

    I want to know if I am being paid SUPER low below the threshold of what other new grads make and if I should be looking elsewhere for a job. I know that as a new grad, the MDs are definitely taking advantage of my "learning" period where I might be more work to monitor and train so to some extent the low pay is expected.

    I am making $60/hour right now in specialty.

    What are you making with the similar experience? Sorry, I know this is a rude and sensitive subject but it's good for us to advocate for ourselves!
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  3. by   shibaowner
    You are making $121,800 (60 x 2030 hours). That is good money for a new grad NP. I'm curious, what pay rate were you expecting? A new grad does need training and is not as productive as an experienced NP. In addition, unless you went through a derm residency program or worked in derm as an RN, you didn't get derm education in school.

    You are coming up to one year on the job, so you can prepare to have a salary and raise negotiation. If you are now fully productive and carrying a full patient load, ask for a raise based on your productivity. You can say something like, "I am now seeing ___ patients (or doing ___ number of procedures) and am generating $_____ in revenue, so I'd like a raise of $_____." Be professional and logical. The MD has invested in you and I doubt he/she wants you to quit just to get more $, because if you do, they will have to hire and train someone else. However, you should stay on this job for a full year if you do decide to go elsewhere.

    No one cares that you were an RN unless you have experience specific to your NP speciality. You are starting all over in a brand new career. How much were you making as an RN? What type of nursing? You should surpass your RN earnings within a few years.