new grad need advice regarding work experience

  1. hi! need your advice. i'm a new grad and obviously don't have work experience as RN. I was wondering if it's appropriate to include in my resume my tutoring and babysitting jobs under work experience? or should i just focus on my clinicals and related learning experience? hope to hear from you all soon. thanks!:heartbeat
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  3. by   smile123
    Focus on your clinical and related learning experience. You could put another section for the tutoring, but don't put it in the same section as the clinical experience you went through school (I would leave the babysitting part out). They know you are a new grad and don't know much. You can bring up tutoring others in the interview if it's appropriate.

    They have new grad programs and will teach you what you need to know on the nursing floor. They usually pair you up with a mentor nurse and you spend some time shadowing with her/him. Don't be afraid to ask questions and keep a notepad and pen to write notes.

    When you interview, they want to see you are confident, organized and willing to learn. Time management and nursing judgment are critical skills to make it as a nurse in the hospital. They may ask you behavioral questions: Tell me a time when you had to deal with a difficult person. Give me an example of how you dealt with a crisis. Tell us about an experience you had working on teams (your role, how you worked together, teamwork, etc.) Based from those answers, they can sum up whether you would be a likely candidate to work in harmony with the team. Good luck!

  4. by   bee2160
    thank you so much smile123.. some posts said to put clinicals and rle while others advice again it.. so that makes it a little confusing though..

    anyway, i'm a foreign-trained nurse who recently passed NCLEX_RN. so i'm trying my luck in looking for an employer to sponsor me.. although times right now seems to be bleak, i'm still hoping for the best.. hospitals offering new grad programs would have been great, but due to my present situation, i can't participate in one of those as much as i'd like to..

    I've tried to look for hospitals offering sponsorship but it seems there's none at the moment.. :typing: So, I'm going to try to apply in convalescent homes that could offer visa sponsorship instead.. I'm trying to polish up my resume because one director of nursing asked that I send in my resume for them to look at. I know it's going to be tough luck but then it's better to try and try than to just give up easily. :hngon:

    So thank you again for your informative reply. May God bless you always!