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  1. I feel like all I do is worry about my job. And think about all the errors I have made throughout my shifts. I feel like that's all I do. I work in psych, and I'm an LPN, and I am responsible for like 30+ people's medications and I feel like all I do is make mistake after mistake. I am so overwhelmed only got 5 days of training. I hate my job. It's causing me not to sleep. I dread going there. I feel like I'm failing as nurse. I feel like nursing isn't for me..
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  3. by   nurse_flo_marie
    Worry is ok, but to the point where it consumes you to where you are overwhelmed, not sleeping, and hate your job is not good. Do you have a supervisor who works your shift who you can speak with? Suffering in silence does not help you grow as a new grad. All nurses have experienced stopping dead in the tracks outside of work thinking they forgot something, and probably did. Recognizing your mistake and discussing it with your nursing leadership will help you develop behaviors to prevent those mistakes from happening again.

    Nursing is truly not as glamorous as what is portrayed on TV or what people believe it is. You are a new grad. You are not failing, you are learning. If you truly feel like nursing isn't for you, why did you chose nursing?