New career move! HELP!

  1. Hey all! Well I've been in the dental industry for 17 yrs and I feel like I've wasted time going nowhere and I want to go into nursing. I have come to realize how much I love the field of really just healthcare altogether and I have actually learned a lot over the years.I am 36 with 3 kids but I need to do what drives me and makes me happy,even if it's night school after work all day. I think ER is where I want to work in as I love surgery. So where do I start? I have NEVER went to college (I did ROP for dental assisting) and I feel lost and stupid. PLEASE any advice on where or what I should do is appreciated!
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  3. by   Prairienurse1989
    Go speak with a local college or university academic advisor and ask them to help you map your educational goals into nursing. They are the best place to start. Also if your interested in surgical nursing, you would want to be on a med-surg floor or as an OR nurse. The ER does not typically deal with surgical patients. I really strongly advise you to speak with an academic advisor to help see what path into nursing is best for you . Keep us updated!
  4. by   CP2013
    I agree with prairienurse. Start by talking with local schools that offer nursing programs. Start by learning about the prerequisites. Take a few classes, begin slowly so you get a feel for study habits and how to be a college student. It's very self focused, and some instructors expect you to figure it out or yourself.
    Then, when you are successful in your Pre-reqs the school will be able to direct you regarding the application process to the nursing program. Every program is different. Many are looking for the pre-reqs, your GPA, and some sort of entry examination (TEAS for example).
    Remember, nursing is not a direct entry program. There are criteria to meet, an application process, and then a very competitive selection process.

    Good luck in your pursuits. Also, try posting in the state section for your state of residence so you will get more specific responses for the school you are hoping to apply to.