New BSN grad wanting to join the Air Force

  1. I graduate nursing school in May and am planning on joining the Air Force. I've read through a lot of the threads on here about benefits of joining the Air Force and which bases are best but I wanted more recent advice since a lot of the articles seem several years old. I am joining primarily to travel, but also have no problem with the service aspect and facing combat if it came down to it. I grew up in an Air Force family in Fort Walton Beach Florida right next to Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field so I do not want to be stationed at either one of those bases. I really would like to go to Europe but know that the Air Forces needs will always come first. Which overseas bases/hospitals do you guys think are best? I've heard the base in Germany is great since you can basically rent a car on your time off and go wherever you want to travel-wise, is this true? Also, what about Lakenheath or Aviano in Italy? And as far as state-side bases go, which bases are best in terms of a lot of activities to do nearby? I'm precepting right now in an ER which I really like but am not opposed to starting out on a med-surg floor either, also really like surgery. Long-term goals include most-likely making a career out of the Air Force if it works out, and going back to school (not for awhile) for CRNP. Any other advice for joining? I also heard there is a sign on bonus and a retention bonus every few years, but if you take one you can't take the other.. Which one is the better option and why? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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