Nervous about nursing!

  1. Hey all,
    iIm 21 & going to uni in sept to study a diploma in nursing, im really excited about it, and i know it will be hard work but im ready and willing. trouble is i wasnt excellent at school my maths was terrible at school and i got bad grades in science! but i enjoy learning about the body and stuff. im doing a maths course at the mo to try to help me out a bit, and get me back into the swing of things. just wondered if any of you guys out there have any adivce, how tough is it really, do u think tht i will struggle.? anyone whos studied or is is studying at the moment. any advice would be much appreciated
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  3. by   dana d
    academically nursing is hard. My cousin who graduated 4.0 failed out. I was your adverage 3.2 but good scores on act and sat examines. My family told me if she (my cousin) couldn't cut it, then I wouldn't. I fooled everyone. It all depends on how hard you work and how much you want something. I didn't party my way thru college like alot of other people did. I studied and studied. I have been an RN now for 12 years. I worked part-time last year, about 24 hours a week and made 36,000. Not bad for part-time flexible hours and benefits.
    But here's the catcher. Nursing is not glamours. Other nurses can be your worse enemy. Administration does not support you, because you cost money, and everything about healthcare today is about money. Doctors don't automatically respect you, you have to earn it. ( and not in the prone position ). Families will report you and find fault with you because they have to take there remorse out on someone when a family member is dieing. If you chose to work in a hospital, expect to work nights, evenings and weekends, yes and holidays to. I could go on but I will stop. So why am I a Nurse. Because somewhere in this great big universe, I feel like I am makeing a difference in someones small but significant life.
    dana d