Need Help Choosing Between 2 New Grad Jobs

  1. Ok so here's the deal.

    First job I already accepted their offer and begin work this Monday (2/6). It's for a private practice surgery center. Dealing with various surgeries from abdominal to breast. Most of the major surgeries are done at a nearby hospital whereas the minor ones are done at the facility (if there are any). Mostly I will be dealing with pre op/post op patients. Taking history, assess..etc. They said I would be doing a fair amount of staple/suture removal too which would be very interesting. The pay is garbage, $19.00/hr. Full time, Mon-Fri 8-5.

    Second job I just interviewed for today and it seemed as if they were just throwing the job at me. Pretty much leaving it up to me if I wanted to quit my first job and join their team. It's at a behavioral school for boys age 7-14. From the sound of the description, seems like it would be a lot of paperwork and med passes. School has about 100 kids getting meds a few times a day. I get to assess children who have just been in a fight and things of that nature. Pay is salary and is roughly $49k. Full time. Some weekends required

    Now doing the math, the 2nd job would be roughly $11,000 more a year (that's a lotttt of money). Not too concerned about benefits but the benefits of the 2nd job are better. Travel distance is equal for both.

    I'm hoping to not stay at either place long (hoping to land a hospital job). So I will be applying to hospitals throughout my stay there. If i happen to be there for the long run, which would you say is more beneficial to me landing a job at a hospital. I am not looking for a psych position. I will go just about anywhere else though
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  3. by   Dumplins
    anyone? i need some honest opinions.

    not some "do whatever you feel is best. weigh pros and cons" etc..
  4. by   bayareastudent0711
    what did you end up choosing?
    job #1 is less money, but in the long run may give you a better foot in the door. ex. the ongoing assessments of your acute patient vs med passes in a pediatric community.
  5. by   Nursekim80
    If you really want to work in a hospital I think the first job is the one to take