Need help choosing college route into BSN please!

  1. I'm currently a high school senior in New York, I'm originally from California and would really like to start college in California. I want to get my BSN but don't know if I should start in a CC and transfer to a university to get my bachelors, or as my counselor recommended, start and finish in a 4 year public/ private college to avoid anything that may make transferring difficult. Since I'm no longer a resident there it would be a little more expensive with tuition, ( I have family I would stay with so I wouldnt have to live on campus) and I want to spend as less as possible but go to a college with a good program. Another option would be staying in New York and attending college here, but that would be my last option. I would also appreciate any college recommendations in Southern California or New York.
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    I am an advocate for a BSN program. I am from the Carolinas, and I decided to get an undergrad in Florida. I don't have any options for California or NY, but as a nurse who went the four year route, do it. You won't regret it. If you had a family to take care of or another reason that hindered you from a 4 year school, then I would say wait or do community. But, you are young and don't have the extra stresses right now. Take advantage of your youth and don't pass this opportunity up. I have worked with several amazing associate degree nurses, but there is a certain element you can only get from a 4 year school education. There is a higher hiring rate, and speaking as a person who is continuing her education, it makes it easier.
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    Thank you so much for the advice ! I appreciate it