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  1. I need advice...I am a CNA at a well known hospital in San Diego,Ca.,and it is very fast paced and stressful,but I do enjoy it(its a med/surg floor).Somedays I feel really good about myself,other days I feel like I could have done better.There are some RN's there that are very particular about how they want things done.One of them told me that I wasn't consistant enough.But she is a not very nice person anyway.But what I need advice about is...I know that the med surg floor isnt for was a good experience to learn what i have learned on that floor,but i know i wouldnt work there if i was an rn or lvn.I want or would like to go to school for my lvn.The same nurse that said I wasnt consistant enough,told me not to go for it.Now,I'm feeling unsure about myself as to whether I should go for it or not.I know that I shouldn't listen to other people,but....I'm thinking if I can't handle to much stress on this floor......what happens when I'm an LVN?Anyone have any advice to give me?
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  3. by   Wren
    Don't let one mean person derail you from your path! We all have days when we are proud of ourselves and other days we just beat ourselves up over what we could have done better. In fact, if you didn't have that insight...I'd be more worried. Trust me, there are NO perfect nurses out there...only ones who think they are!

    For now, you don't need to worry about whether you will work on a med surg unit or not...just focus on continuing your education. You will have plenty of time decide where to work after you have completed your LVN program. The fact that you enjoy your CNA position is a good sign that you'd also love being a nurse. The CNA job is really hard. I've never been one but I have a great deal of respect for some I've worked with.

    Whatever you do though...don't let the naysayers direct your path. We all have insecurities and occasional fears but I say...go for it!
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