Need advice. Moving to NC

  1. I've been working in Alabama as a private duty nurse (RN) not affiliated with an agency. I only work with the elderly and I stay with them until they enter a nursing home, are moved to a different state, or pass away. I have only one patient at a time and I work with their physicians and family. In the past I have stayed with just the one patient for years (hree years for one patient) and I have lived in from time to time if a patient's family leaves town, for example Insurance in Alabama won't pay for a private nurse so I work for people with a lot of money so I can some help people who have little or no money. (I'm not a saint giving to the poor and downtrodden, it just ticks me off that so many folks can't get help.)

    I love, love, love my work.

    I have to move to NC to be closer to my parents. So I would like to know if what I do in Alabama is doable in NC, if anyone here does private nursing in NC and if they are incorporated and if there is a need for my kind of nursing. I haven't worked in a hospital for such a long time I would be a hazard to humanity if I started now. Private nursing will allow me to choose my hours and leave more time for the parents.

    I've talked with the NCBN and I've read the pertinent administrative codes (36.0224 and 36.0225) and it hasn't exactly helped. The scope of practices adviser said I might need to talk to a lawyer about incorporating and insurance requirements and I will if I must but surely someone here does this kind of work in NC (or knows a friend of their neighbor's uncle who does) and can give me some advice.

    All help would be appreciated.

    Of course I know I have to get my license to practice in NC. That's in the works.
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