NEED a CNA job, frustrated!

  1. hi everyone!
    i completed my cna course this summer, passed the state exam about a month ago, got my healthcare provider cpr certification, and have filled out about 30 applications for cna jobs at hospitals within 50 miles of my house over the last 2 months. i qualify for the positions i fill out applications for, but so far nothing. that number 30 is true, i'm really frustrated and sad here!!

    i want to work in a hospital because i know that the experience there will help me in the bsn program i am starting fall 08, and i'm 37 years old and anxious and excited about finally getting in the environment!

    any advice on how i can go about improving my chances and/or handle the stress and dissapointment of waiting!!?? my stepmother is an lvnbc and has helped me with my resume, but she lives in las vegas and i am in the suburbs of chicago. anyone work for sisters of st. francis hospitals out there, in the southern suburbs of chicago and northwest indiana?? the job i really want is in crown point indiana at st. anthony's.
    sorry to ramble!!
    any advice would be great!! thanks so much!!!

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  3. by   IfGodSaysYes
    Is a little harder to get into hospitals as a CNA especially if you don't have any experience, so if I were you, I will start with agency that send their CNA to hospitals that way you can talk to some of the nurse recruiters yourself. This will also give you the opportunity to check their job posting board for any opens.
  4. by   swee2000
    Hi, Deb. I just wanted to tell you not to give up on a hospital job just yet. I currently work in a hospital(just north of you, in SE Wisconsin) and it took me applying 2 times before I even got a phone call for an interview. I'm sure part of the reason they weren't so interested in me is because I had no CNA experience, other than through my clinicals at school(if you can even count that). But I hung on and, three-and-a-half-years later, I am now an LPN on the floor, have a job that I love, and an awesome group of people to work with. :spin:
  5. by   swee2000
    I forgot to add something to my prior message: If you do get hired at a hospital, one of the best units to work on(in my opinion, anyways) is a Med/Surg unit. All the things you will see/hear/learn about from your patients will be nothing but valuable experiences that you can draw off of when you are going through nursing school and talking about all the pathophys, pharmecology(man all the meds), labs, etc. Good luck!
  6. by   Billsgirl
    thanks for the advice, i appreciate it more than you all could know!
    as it happens, yesterday i actually the call i was waiting for, the hospital called and i had my interview this morning!!!:spin:
    there was a pca test also, and i missed "apical" pulse.
    i was asked back for a second interview with who i think is one of the nurse recruiters next week, i'm dying having to wait, but i'm excited too! the woman who interviewed me said that the position i would be in if i were hired was in pediatrics, which wasn't the job that i applied for but it's the same hours (2:30-11:00pm) and i was pleased with that because i love kids!!!
    i will be juggling school and the job, if i get it, i start at indiana university spring semester 2 classes i need before i stsrt the bsn program in the fall 08.
    i am certain that i will have a ton of questions if i get hired! i am nervous and scared and excited!
    and, since i will be working with children i can buy fun scrubs like sponge bob and stuff!!!:spin:

    thanks!! iwill be back!
  7. by   swee2000
    Your welcome and Congratulations on the interviews!!