My first non-nurse hospital job. Ideas?

  1. Hello everyone. This is the situation I'm in;

    I am a pre-nursing student, who has finished all of my nursing prerequisites, and is now on a 3 year long wait list. Now, even if I'm still taking 8 credits of support classes (not truly essential to take now, but it will make life easier once I get into a program, plus it will open up door for different programs) I need to get a job at a hospital, as there are opportunities to get sponsored, chances to learn and most importantly, bypass that 3 year waiting list.

    I've never been a CNA nor a PCT, and it seems like those require full time training to become one, and I'm not sure that I can dedicate time since I am doing school part time. If I can get a great job with good training I am willing to drop those classes.
    Obvisley I’m ok with less than glamorous work, as long as it gets my foot in the door, and I consider myself a hard worker.

    So with this in mind, I would love to hear what would be a good first time job for someone who has never worked in the medical field*.

    *Note, I have had a job as a resident assistant in college, and I do have a bachelors in a non-related field.

    Mucho gusto
    -Your friendly neighborhood Jumpy. :spin:
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  3. by   mommyto3
    I don't know if this help at all,

    The course's that I'm enrolled in are not full-time,My phlebotomy course is 1 day a week for 11 weeks,after that I am taking my cna course(prerequisite to nursing)5 days a week for 3 weeks.
    I'll be done by mid-Dec, I would check your community colleges and see if they offer any short term courses,You could also look into LTC's that will train you,.I was a nursing asst at a facility that cared for residents with dementia.
    I loved it!!!!!!
    It's just something to look into.
  4. by   Jumpy
    Thank you. That's a start.

    Silly question, what is the job of "transportation"? I assume that it is about transporting patients around the hospital, in a non-automobile sense.
  5. by   mommyto3
    Did you mean transporter?
    Yes,it's transporting patients for test's,if they are being admitted and are non-critical,sometimes a transporter will move them,It can also require you to go to the morgue.
  6. by   MIA-RN
    You can do the full-time hospital orientation on your january break if you have a month off as many do. Most hospital jobs are going to have at least a week's full time orientation because they have to do the hipaa inservice and stuff like that.