MultiCare (Auburn Medical Center) Nursing Residency interview tips, thanks!

  1. Hello,

    I just got an email saying that my application for the Med/Surg Residency position at Auburn Medical Center (Part of the MultiCare system) was forwarded to the hiring manager. I've seen in other postings that there is only 1 interview during the hiring process, anyone has had an interview with Auburn Medical Center before? What kind of questions should I expect? How long was the interview? Please share any tips/suggestions you have, thank you for your time! =)
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  3. by   nxchel14
    Congratulations! I just got hired to one of their residencies starting in August and yes it was only one interview. I had it with the nurse manager of the unit and it was not as scary as I expected. They were very friendly and I felt extreamly comfortable. It was a standard nursing style so just be prepared to give examples of dealing with conflict and things like that but I didnt feel grilled at all. Also go in with questions to ask because its a time to make sure it's a good fit for you as well. It lasted about an hour but that included getting a tour of the unit. Good luck! Also if anyone reading this post has gone through a multicare residency do you have any advice for people going in? Advice is appreciated, thanks.
  4. by   Lakeunion98125
    Hi nxchel14,

    Congratulations!!!! I am excited for you! Did you also apply to the Med-Surg residency position? I think it was posted around 6/18 this month. I haven't gotten any phone calls yet, I hope they will make more calls this week. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing your experience!
  5. by   nxchel14
    Thank you and no problem! I applied to the PCU residency the beginning of May. I think it took a week or two after applying before I got the call. The whole process took about a month total. Good luck again!
  6. by   Lakeunion98125
    It is good to know that they take a couple of weeks before figuring out which applicants to call, I thought I was left behind...whew! =) My posting was only up for 24 hrs so I hope that will increase my chance of finally getting a call! Good luck with the orientation nxchl14!
  7. by   Auburn_RN
    So did you get an interview???
  8. by   delridge
    hi nxchel 14,
    congrats with the position! did u have an RN license active already when you got the interview? trying to get in there with multicare and it's hard!!! any tips?
  9. by   nxchel14
    Thank you! Yes I did when I applied. Ive heard a lot of hospitals the system wont even pull apps without it but Im not sure how true it is. My best advice is check the site every single day. The postings dont come up often and are only up for 24 hours. Also take the time to make your cover letter and resume specific to the position you are applying for. Finally stay persistant and positive. I wish you the best and hope you get good news soon!