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  1. I'm an ADN getting ready to start my third year in psych, which I love, but I need to get clinical skills. I can't get on at a big hospital without my BSN. I'm in the process of applying to a school locally but I'm looking at a waiting period between applying and starting the program - like 6 mo's to a year (just missed last deadline). So, I was thinking, I could go to community college in the mean time and get my EMT. Then maybe I can move into ER from there? Do people go from RN to EMT or at the same time? I know the pay is less, but I can keep my job at nights and go to school, work during the day, or whatever works. I also want to get my ACLS during the wait period. Am I over thinking this?

    Also, can I even do EMT/Paramedic being an RN or is that something that would have the potential to hurt my license?

    I'm going crazy just doing 36 hours a week and I need more to do in my free time. I do rotating shifts so my schedule sucks for PRN jobs. I have hobbies, friends, etc. I just feel like I need to do more for my career.

    I know also that I can do an online program that starts sooner, the costs are the same but do hospitals care?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just going in so many directions I can't figure out what is the best plan.
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