Looking for Advice for Becoming a Nurse in GA

  1. Hi All,

    First off, let me say I'm the type of guy to do tons of research before I open my big mouth and ask, and after a lot of research I'm still looking for some answers.

    I'm finishing up getting my CNA, and want to look into going to school to be an RN. My big question is "WHERE?!" I live in GA right now, but want to know the benefits of being a nurse in GA. The reason, overall, is I'm also looking into heading to Chicago (where I'm from) where I know some nurses and the overall outlook there. I'd rather NOT leave GA (Atlanta area) since this is where most of my family is, but I have to go where my benefits are better for my wife and childs sake.

    What are most GA/Atlanta hospital benefits like? I know how vague that sounds, but just give me your personal experience. Med insurance, 401k etc. Do most generally take good care of their employees?

    Again, I know this might sound a bit wishy washy and vague, but it's my major concern and it's not like I can just Google this type of info, I need personal stories and experience.

    My major priortity is fertility treatment for my wife. I don't expect anything to be covered 100% but I was looking towards that as a main factor. I know in IL it's state law for insurance to pay for it after 1 year of trying, and some people I know went through it and have had most of it paid for by the hospitals insurance they work at (1 CNA and 1 RN.) I've had 1 insurance carrier here in GA pay for it (and it worked luckily) but I don't work at that place anymore and as I look into my career as an RN, it's a major facotr on WHERE I go/stay. Any info on hospitals insurance plans that help pay for that is MOST appreciated.

    Thanks and sorry for the dragged out and wordy question.
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