Looking for a job near LA? I have a lead for you!

  1. Hi everyone! If you are currently looking for a job as an RN, LVN, or CNA and have not had much luck, here is a lead. A new hospital just opened in Long Beach, CA called College Medical Center. It used to be the Pacific Hospital of Long Beach, but College Hospitals just purchased the facility and they are looking for new people, especially for the Behavioral Health Unit. As far as I know, they are not advertising the positions, so that's why I would like to get the word out there. I know there are a lot of unemployed nurses that are desperate for jobs because I was one. I just happened to click on their website and saw that they were hiring and that's how I got the job.

    The requirements are: an application, a license/certification, a BLS card, and proof that you have the right to work in the United States. You must speak excellent English, but if you are bilingual that is a huge plus. If you apply in the near future, you have a very good chance of getting hired! Good luck! If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them, but I'm a new employee so unfortunately I don't have a lot of specifics. Their website is http://www.chc.la/lonHome.

    PS - I can't answer personal messages because my account is new. I think you have to have 5 posts before it will let you answer PMs.
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  3. by   Bouncyball
    I am applying first thing in the morning! I am glad I saw this, I have been looking for a full time Rn job in psych. Have you started yet?
  4. by   shellbeach
    Not yet! Still waiting for my schedule.
  5. by   Bouncyball
    How long did it take for you to hear back and get hired? I have not heard anything and am going to try to follow up today.
  6. by   CalitoNY
    Hey @blacksunflower...if you are looking for a job in psych try harbor-Ucla in Torrance. They are horribly understaffed there.
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  7. by   luisa30
    Hi there. Im a new lvn with caregiving experience. Do you know any place that hire new grads by the area?