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  1. I've been a nurse for about 6 months now, working on a very busy, acute care medical floor as my first RN job. The floors discription during my interview lead me to believe this was an ENTIRELY different job then what I had agreed to. Most of the time it is a mix between psych and detox, with anything you can imagine in between; with minimal staffing and high stress, and including but not limited to: bad management.

    Enough to say: I totally do not love it. I feel as though I have no life (I work 7p-7a) and no time to do anything I love doing.

    I have to be here for 1yr due to the fact I am in a residency program. But I am now (at the peak of my hate for this position) am starting to weigh out options for the future.

    I absolutely love pediatrics, and would like to go that route. Considering home care, school nursing, pediatric NP.. ect.

    Looking for any advice/input/ stories from other RNs both new grad & experienced to help weigh some pros and cons on my decisions. Or to have other perspectives or ideas brought to the table!
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  3. by   oceanblue52
    Hard to say what specialty would be a good fit for you...I would recommend going on a comprehensive job search engine such as indeed and then search for various specialties you are interested in. This will give you an idea as to the market and qualifications they are looking for. When I get frustrated at my job I do this, it puts things in perspective and reminds me that the experience I'm gaining will open more doors down the road.

    Will also add that the Psych experience you are gaining is very valuable. I've been in Psych several years (through nursing school). My favorite clinical instructor liked to remind me that patients with Psychiatric issues exist in ALL specialities and are not just confined to a Psych hospital. It's a valuable experience and will serve you well, and might even help your job search. Good luck finishing the year out, will be over before you know it.