license by endorsement in California-need educational breakdown form

  1. Hello,

    I'm an RN stuck in Texas trying to get to California to be with my husband. I had no idea the process would be so difficult or I would have thought twice before agreeing that my husband accept the California job. We have a one year old baby so it's a real struggle for us all to be apart.

    I'm hoping someone can help me navigate the California BON 'educational breakdown form' required for internationally educated nurses. I'm a graduate of a top Canadian nursing school and currently hold Canadian nursing license and a multistate compact license in the USA/Texas.

    I recently applied for a California nursing license and received a letter requesting an 'educational breakdown form' to be submitted by my nursing school.

    My nursing school informs me they will provide what they refer to as an 'education verification package' to Cali BON which is essentially the same thing except that my nursing school will only include NURS courses from my transcripts. This will satisfy most of the required 'educational breakdown form' however some of the items on the form including various sociology courses, psychology, anatomy/physiology and microbiology which are not courses that I took to acquire my BSN but rather had from my other Bachelor of Arts degree. And some from courses I took at three different colleges 15 years prior to ever attending to nursing school. I've attended 5 colleges/universities in total.

    So if my nursing school will only submit information on courses taken with them even though my acceptance to the nursing school was based on the pre-requisites from several other schools, how do I get the additional course information requested on the 'educational breakdown form' to the California BON?

    Or will they be satisfied with transcripts alone? The transcripts themselves don't go into the same level of detail as the form they require. And how do I know if the colleges I attended 20 years ago for those non-nursing science courses are considered acceptable to California BON?

    I've been researching this issue extensively and of course attempted many times to contact Cali BON but that has proven futile. My research seems to indicate California can be very stringent with their requirements and very difficult to contact directly for additional information.
    Would they expect me to retake psychology, anatomy/phys and microbiology again with an approved nursing school?

    My nursing school charges 500.00 for the educational verification package so I dont want to spend that money if it's not what I need. Plus I want to know exactly what I'll be getting myself into by continued efforts to work in California.

    Any insight/information anyone has would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Marzbar
    I also needed to provide an educational breakdown but I didnt have to pay one cent. My dean had to get involved too. I went to Humber College.
  4. by   shibaowner
    You have to contact every school you attended and the school must provide info directly to California BON. I don't know why your Canadian nursing school charged you $500. US schools charge 0 to $10 to do this. Call the dean or registrar of your nursing school and ask for help with this.