Laser Hair Removal Training In Massachusetts For Rn's

  1. Hi All,
    Not Sure If This Is The Correct Forum But Here Goes. Do Any Of You Know Of A Training Course For Laser Hair Removal Massachusetts? I'm An Rn In Ma And Currently In The Process Of Opening A "skin Care Shop". I Will Also Be Licensed As An Esthetician In A Few Months. But This Corse Does Not Include Any Laser Training For Hair Removal - Just Waxing. Since Laser Is Fast Becoming The Way To Go For Hair Removal , I Very Much Want To Offer This In My Shop. I Have Checked Out Some Of The Laser Manufacturers But They Only Offer Short 1 Day Workshops. Not Enough To Gain Proficecy With Its Use. Any Info Will Be Greatly Appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Blackbird
    Hi there. Just noticed your query. I'm an Australian with a background in beauty and I've noted a recent backlash for laser removal. There is no guarantee that the hair will be removed forever, the training is carried out by the manufacturer only (which has drawn the attention of the government and is currently under review) and there've been a few well publicised accidents. Personally, in my experience, I have found waxing far more effective.
  4. by   spanky18
    Does anyone know how much RN's are paid to do Laser Hair Removal?
  5. by   jahra
    Check with the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics in Medford.
    They at one point had a medical esthetics course, but not laser.

    In my area of Ma (Southeastern Ma), my electrologist charges
    $125- for 15 min.

    Also, please check the Board of Nursing site-looks like they will be
    adding regulations about nurses in Medical Esthetics.

    Best Wishes!