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  1. Hello to all the nurse experts!!! I know for sure that i want to become a labor and delivery nurse and getting ready to transfer to a university for my BSN in the fall of 2007. My thing is, i know i don't want to do bed-side nursing forever (maybe for 5-10 years), but i eventually want to venture off into working as somewhat of a case worker for teen girls who have been put into the state, pregnant, or runaways. i also would love to become a teacher and teach like a child development class. as you can see, i have many dreams. i am doing nursing now, because i know that i will always have it available and what i love to do. if i was to go the education major route or social work path, i would have to start all over and i would not have nursing available. my question is, what should i do? do i go for my bachelor's and master's and have a speciality? any help, info, comments, or suggestions i would greatly appreciate it! Hope i didn't confuse you all! :spin:
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