JPS Nurse Residency October 2018

  1. The JPS nurse residency applications for October 2018 are open from May 1-May 15. I wanted to start a thread so we could chat about them here.

    Good luck to everyone applying!
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  3. by   brainfuse101
    I applied as well!
  4. by   cupofjo034
    Hi! I applied as well. I received an email requesting additional information be sent in May 21 at noon. Does anyone have any idea as to when we may start hearing back from them concerning interviews, etc.
  5. by   Dhominick
    No clue. They looked at my application on 5/16 but haven't done anything else with it. My friend already got a rejection letter from them.
  6. by   StudentNurse21874
    They also looked at mine on 5/16, but I have not heard anything else from them. Hopefully, since the deadline to send the additional information has passed they will start getting back to us.
  7. by   Beautifulpearl
    So how do you know if they looked at your application?
  8. by   StudentNurse21874
    My application says last modified 5/16 so I'm assuming it was by them because I haven't changed anything since 5/4.
  9. by   Dhominick
    I got an email for a panel interview next week so it looks like they're moving things forward
  10. by   StudentNurse21874
    How did yalls panel interviews go?
  11. by   nbinyo
    I did my panel interview on Thursday the 7th and it went well. Kinda intimidating but everyone was really nice.
    And I got calls for follow up interviews today(Monday the 11).
  12. by   StudentNurse21874
    Which units are you interviewing with for follow ups?
  13. by   Mads829RN
    Who all signed a contract?
  14. by   StudentNurse21874
    I did