job search like hitting a brick wall...

  1. i'm unhappy at my current job and just want to get out of there as fast as I can! I am a cna and of course have experienced short staffing, snippy nurses, management that doesn't care etc. I just pray that when I become a nurse that there are more options open. I've been told being a nurse/ aide no matter where you work is no picnic no matter how you slice the pie. I'm a part time student in an LPN program, previously was going for my RN but wasn't ready. I have an associate's degree in general studies and several nursing related courses. Went to the local job assistance place today and they just rubbed me the wrong way. not very helpful, told me I had no formal training, education, and the classes I took basically would not help me get a job doing more than I do right now. he told me i could work full time in the salt mines!!! like I'm stupid or something and can't do anything more than labor jobs. i realize we all have to start somewhere but that seems a little rude. so I don't know if I should keep searching before I resign or just resign. I've been looking on and off for at least a few months now maybe more. i've taken over 25 courses inc nursing, lab skills, clinicals, theory, psychology, medical terms, computers, Spanish and I just can't believe that there is nothing out there. it really gets me down and i feel like just giving up. maybe i'm getting burnt out.
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