Job offer; need help deciding

  1. Hello all

    Need advice. So i got offered a part time job at a cardiology office. The pay and benefits are phenominal. Mon-Thur, 8:30-5pm.

    I have 2 school aged kids, 6 & 11. If i take this position it would mean they need to go to aftercare. I've always worked per diem and was able to pick them up from school and never needed aftercare. My husband works evenings and is never around to help out after school.

    But per diem work is never stable and at this point i want stability and benefits.

    I also recieved an offer to work at an outpatient surgery center with the hours of 6-2:30pm mon-thursday. I would have to leave the house at about 5:20am to make it in time. Working that early will leave me so exhausted.

    The cardiology position seems a bit more better as far as benefits go. But obviosuly i would be coming home later. Making dinner and helping with homework etc..Just seems like i wont have much time with the kids.

    Anyone work similar hours to this and can you offer any advice? As i said my husband works evenings and is never home to help during the week.

    Thanks and sorry my post is so long
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